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Air Pollution affects our life in many different ways. It damages the ozone layer which caused global warming and climate change. Air pollution not only can cause haze, reducing visibility. It also threatens our health. It caused respiratory disease and even deaths (1). 
        Electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is the best solution to air pollution.  It reduce the pollution from the very beginning- the sources (factories, restaurants and so on). If we work from the sources of air pollution not only we can prevent the harm from it with proper equipment we can also recover the heat during the process to save energy.
Applicable Occupations
Food Industry, Restaurant, Heat Treatment Industry., Textiles Industry, , Rubber glove Manufacture, Steel Manufacture, Cremation Industry, Electronic Industry(MLCC),  DOP and so on.
Representative Attainments
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, China Steel( CSC ), Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd.
PSA (Walsin Technology Corporation) , Molex Taiwan,  and etc.
Electrostatic precipitators, which have been used for particulate control since 1923, use electrical fields to remove particulate from boiler flue gas. Because precipitators act only on the particulate to be removed, and only minimally hinder flue gas flow, they have very low pressure drops, and thus low energy requirements and operating costs.
In an electrostatic precipitator, an intense electric field is maintained between high-voltage discharge electrodes, typically wires or rigid frames, and grounded collecting electrodes, typically plates. A corona discharge from the discharge electrodes ionizes the gas passing through the precipitator, and gas ions subsequently ionize fly ash (or other) particles. The electric field drives the negatively charged particles to the collecting electrodes. Periodically, the collecting electrodes are rapped mechanically to dislodge collected particulate, which falls into hoppers for removal.
Electrostatic precipitator (ESP or E.P.) is the best solution to air pollution. It is designed to collect particles with diameters from 0.1mm to 10.0mm with high collection efficiency sometimes exceeding 99%. It can handle large volume of exhaust gas which can be used in many industries.
Adding proper equipments to ESP, it can work at high temperature and also recover the heat during the process and save energy lower the cost of production. It can use for reducing black liquor operations in the pulp and paper industry for blast furnaces and sintering operations in the steel industry and for fly ash control form industrial and utility boilers.
Principles of Electrostatic Precipitator (air cleaner)
Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) is a particulate collection device that removes fine particles from a flowing gas (such as air). It can easily collect fine particulate matter such as dust and smoke mist from the air stream.
First, the polluted air is sent through pipes having negatively charged plates which give the particles a negative charge.
Next, the particles then routed past positively charged plates, which attract the now negatively-charged ash particles.  
Then the particles stick to the positive plates until they are collected.
Finally the harmful pollutants stay on the plates and the clean air comes out of the Precipitator.
The Features
1.High efficiency :
This ESP employs a unique discharge-electrode and collecting-electrode construction, providing uniform electric field distribution and optimum ionization. This construction serves for high efficiency and stable operation of the precipitators
2. Low power consumption
The uniform electric field distribution minimizes wasteful electric discharge, while automatic voltage control, responding to fluctuations in gas and dust quantities, eliminates unnecessary power consumption. Designed by scale-model testing, the gas distributors of the precipitator is operated at a minimum pressure loss, resulting in decreased blower operation cost.
When deal with air volume 2,000 CFM (cubic foot per min), our product only consume 20 watts.

3. Minimum usage of space: By using the filters precisely and efficient


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