UV 紫外燈運用於商業廚房及 VOCs

With a UV System, micro-organisms can be reduced by over 99%. Gases, VOCs and odors can also be reduced sig- nificantly. Advanced Oxidation Plasma will be carried through the ducts and rooms for a continuous purification process and a quick kill of newly introduced odors or microbials. Sneeze germs will be 88% killed at three feet.

UV System is our version of a standard photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology. This is an Oxidation Technology used by many indoor air treatment companies. It should be noted PCOs only treat the air that comes in contact with the perforated reflector or catalyst. They do not provide sneeze protection or ag- gressive odor, bacterial and virus control.

We will provide you with years of safe, dependable, economical UV-C & UV-B light disinfection and protection of your AC coil surfaces from bac- teria, virus, mold growth and odors resulting in a cleaner, more efficient energy- saving system.

實務運用 UV-C

  1. 單獨使用於油煙罩、油煙風管、排風機前端 : 可降低油煙黏附在上並使粒狀汙染物及味道大幅降低
  2. 結合靜電油煙處理機使用 : 可由靜電油煙處理機(低濃度臭氧及吸附能力)先行吸附粒狀汙染物再由UV-C (185nm) 以高濃度臭氧將臭味分子氧化使味道大幅降低


  • UV-A, long wave, 315-400 nm
  • UV-B, medium wave, 280-315 nm
  • UV-C, short wave, 100-200 nm (185nm)


PP, FRP 耐酸鹼抽排風機 、洗滌塔設備、耐酸鹼風車、耐酸鹼電鍍槽桶噪音防治工程、各式污染防治工程 、空氣污染防治工程設計製件安裝。

型號 處理風量 電壓
PP-01 300 CMM 三相220V
PP-02 600 CMM 三相220V
PP-03 900 CMM 三相220V


  1. PP密度:0.91g/cm3
  2. 最大拉伸強度:30N/mm2
  3. 熱導性:0.24W/m℃
  4. 熱脹系數:0.15mm/m℃